Composite Fillings (White fillings)

White Fillings Glasgow

The main purpose for a filling is that it replaces part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay or sometimes through accidental damage. For many years standard fillings have been made out of a silvery grey material called amalgam. Nowadays composite fillings commonly known as ‘white fillings’ or ‘tooth coloured fillings’ are becoming more popular for reasons such as aesthetic appearance and health concerns over the mercury content in the amalgam material.

The modern white filling material can be just as strong as amalgam as it chemically bonds to the tooth structure rather than locking to the walls of the teeth the way amalgam does. Another advantage of white fillings is that the material comes in different shades and your dentist will be able to match this to your natural tooth colour making it almost difficult to recognise there is a filling present.



Our practice offers the option to have existing amalgam fillings replaced with a composite material or any filling you may possibly need should this be required. The cost and life expectancy of composite fillings varies depending on the size of the cavity.

If you are considering white filllings, please feel free to ask our staff members any questions you may have.