• Have you been told you need all your teeth removed?
  • Have you been told you will lose all your teeth due to severe gum disease?
  • Have you been told you cannot afford dental implants to have all your teeth back?
  • Do you wear a full set of dentures which are uncomfortable, affect your speech and cause difficulties when chewing?

implant-1The all on 4 is a treatment concept has now become a familiar part of our clinic. It is a novel approach to giving people back a full set of teeth with a minimum amount of disruption.

The treatment involves removing all teeth of a poor prognosis and replacing them with fixed non removable teeth. A full set of teeth per jaw can generally be supported on 4 dental implants. The implants are placed strategically throughout so that they give the maximum amount of support with a minimum amount of discomfort to the patient as to avoid vital structures such as sinuses and nerves.

This has set forth the stance now in the dental community that you do not necessarily need one implant per tooth and careful planning can allow a full mouth to be restored with 4 dental implants.

By angling the implants at the back of the jaw we can avoid the mental nerve in the mandible and the maxillary sinus in the maxilla. This allows for much greater comfort for the patient.

Why should I go for All on 4 Implants?

People generally go for this option because sometimes it involves the least invasive surgery for the maximum result. Immediately after surgery you are fitted with a temporary bridge which allows you to maintain your dignity and leave the surgery with a set of teeth. It generally works out more economically efficient than if you were to have more than 4 implants placed

Why get my All on 4 Implants Glasgow at a 1Smile Clinic?

Amongst our team we have an award winning implant surgeons who have placed thousands of dental implants. He has performed many all on 4 procedures and will guide you through each step of the process and make you feel at ease. We take great pride in our reputation and at your request we can show you previous cases we have successfully carried out. You can even speak to patients who have had implant surgery performed at our clinic. If this is something you have considered please contact our clinic now on 0141-237-2080 to book your consultation with our implant dentists.

What type of dental implants do 1Smile clinics use?

This is a question we are being asked more and more especially in recent times due to scandals involving defective breast implants resulting in a great deal of distress for patients. In tough economic times it is easy for a clinic to be over powered by economic pressures and switch to a dental implant system which is alot less established. 1Smile clinics have actively avoided this by continuing to use implants provided by nobel biocare and biomet 3i, both industry leaders. There products are backed up by years of clinical research and have stood the test of time. This then gives us the confidence to tell patients that the treatment they are having done shall be done to the highest possible standard.