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Best Transparent Braces Glasgow Has to Offer

Have you been looking for a dental practice in Glasgow that offers transparent braces? If so you should come to us, we have an excellent reputation for the quality of our braces and can offer both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, this enables us to be eqiupped for what you want, when you are looking for the best Transparent Braces Glasgow has to offer.


This treatment involves using a number of transparent, removable aligners that you will change every two weeks. Each aligner has been individually manufactured for your teeth and when you replace each aligner your teeth will move until they have been straightened to the final position.

A lot of people in Glasgow prefer this form of transparent braces because no-one can tell that they’re having treatment carried out at all. Although this is beneficial we do have a lot of patients who get fed up with wearing their aligners because they don’t see the treatment working, this would cause you to have the aligners for longer so Six Month Smiles could be the better option depending on what you want.

Six Month Smiles

Six month smiles involves using transparent white brackets and transparent wires that come directly from the Six Month Smiles laboratory in the USA.

When you come to us for six month smiles our braces specialist will assess your teeth and take some photographs, X-rays and examine your smile. Our braces specialist will also discuss whether or not you are suitable for this treatment along with the treatment time and the cost of treatment.

After this is complete we will get started on fitting your braces. You should return to our dental practice every 4-5 weeks for a short 10-15 minute appointment, this is so that we can adjust your braces until the end of the treatment.

Our braces specialist

Our braces specialist has undergone all of the necessary training and has been fitting transparent braces for people in Glasgow for several years now, so you can be confident that you are using a professional. Patients who have had these braces fitted have told us that our braces specialist done an excellent job of fitting these braces.

For more details

For more details about each of our transparent braces all you have to do is make an appointment with us. You will then be able to come in and speak to our braces specialist about both options. See our contact page for more details on how you can make an appointment.

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