Teeth in a day (All on 4) Glasgow


For many people the thought of losing their natural teeth and having to wear replacement dentures can be an absolute nightmare. The idea of having to wear loose dentures, cut your food up into small peices to be able to chew, having to soak your dentures overnight and not be able to taste food the same way does not appeal to many people. But what is the solution to this problem…

At our 1Smile Clinic we offer the answer to this problem. We provide teeth in a day which can also be known as All-on-4.


Teeth In A Day

Until recently the only other solution to dentures was implants which is a lenghtly process and can takes many months to complete. At 1Smile we can replace your natural teeth with implants and you walk away the same day with brand new teeth.


 Teeth in a Day procdure at our 1Smile Clinics:


  • Arrange a an appointment with our implant dentist to assess whether you are suitable for Teeth in a Day. At this appointment we will discuss the procedure, inform you of costs and payment options.
  • Once you are happy with your treatment plan we will arrange an appointment for removing any teeth (if necessary) and placing implants in your mouth.
  • While we are performing the surgery our technician will be constructing your provisonal teeth which are fitted straight after the implants have been placed. Your provisional teeth are left in the mouth for around 3-6 months.
  • After 3-6 months your final teeth are constructed by our technician and fitted once your implants are fully intergrated in the jaws.

Ideal candidates for Teeth in a Day surgery are individuals that:


  • Have had crown or bridge work but it has failed.
  • Suffer from loose dentures.
  • Want new teeth within a certain time period.


Teeth in a Day example:




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