White Fillings Glasgow

fillingsWhite fillings

White fillings are generally used to restore decayed teeth. Rather than using a metal filling that is noticeable people in Glasgow prefer for them to be white so that no-one can tell that they have fillings at all.

Our practice

At our practice in Glasgow we specialise in white fillings and have done so for several years now. In this time we have gained a excellent reputation, this is because we utilise the latest developments in our profession to ensure quality dental care every time a patient comes to us.

How white fillings are placed

After preparation one of our dentists will place the filling in layers. Once the dentist is finished they will shape it to fit the tooth. It will then be polished to prevent staining and early wear.

Our dentists 

Each of our dentists have undergone all of the necessary training and have years experience in carrying out white fillings. Before any white fillings are placed we will take a look at your teeth, this will determine whether or not you need any fillings at all. At this point the dentist will then discuss the cost of a white filling and if you’re happy to go ahead then we can arrange for you to return for treatment to be started.

Contact us

To arrange to come into our practice in Glasgow for an appointment with one of our dentists all you have to do is give us a call on 0141 237 2080 or email us at: