Six Month Smiles Glasgow

Six Month Smiles Glasgow

Most Affordable Six Month Smiles Glasgow wide.

Six month smiles is a cosmetic approach that people in Glasgow take when they want to improve their smile. This treatment involves using a tooth coloured brace system that will straighten your teeth in only 6 months.

This treatment is suitable for treating a number of different orthodontic complaints including:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Overjet
  • Underbite.

Before treatment

Those in Glasgow who are interested in six month smiles can expect us to fully assess them and take some photographs, X-rays and examine their smile. Our dentists will also be able to advise you on whether or not you are suitable for this treatment or whether you would be better suited for a different cosmetic treatment. If you are suitable for this treatment then we will discuss the treatment time and the costs that are involved with this treatment so you are fully informed before the treatment begins.

During treatment

If you are happy to go ahead with six month smiles then you can expect to be fitted with the braces soon after. These braces are small white brackets and special white wires that come directly from the six month smiles laboratory in the United States. If you have anxiety when it comes to having treatment carried out then we are also able to provide dental sedation so you are much calmer and relaxed when treatment is started.

After treatment

After fitting the braces it is important that you visit our practice in Glasgow every 4-5 weeks after for a short half hour appointment, this is so that we can carry out regular adjustments of your braces until the treatment is complete.

Our dentists

Each of the dentists at our practice who fit these braces are highly skilled and are trained to the highest standards and have vast experience in dealing with Six Month Smiles Glasgow people cannot argue with. You can expect us to be professionals in this area of dentistry.

If you live in Glasgow and you are interested in six month smiles then you should make an appointment to speak to one of the dentists at our practice.