Sedation Dentist Glasgow City Centre

newimage4People can be very nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist to have treatment carried out. This often puts people off going to the dentist which could potentially cause further problems in the future.

We have a sedation dentist here at our practice in Glasgow City Centre. This dentist is able to administer medication that will make you feel very relaxed and in a dream like state. During this time you will be awake although the majority of our patients forget the procedure due the medication and assume that they have been asleep the full time.

Our sedation dentist is particularly useful if you are someone who:

  • Suffers from dental phobia and would rather not be aware of  what is happening during treatment
  • Is afraid of needles
  • Needs complex treatment carried out that is unpleasant
  • Has a lot of treatment to be finished and wants the majority of treatment finished on the first visit or if you are someone who doesn’t have enough time to keep visiting for treatment


Patients in Glasgow City Centre who have been to our sedation dentist regularly tell us that sedation is an option that has been very helpful, this has meant the majority of our nervous patients have continued to use our sedation dentist and have recommended this option to other people that they know who may have fears about the dentist.

We are able to provide competitive prices to patients who are interested in sedation and we always discuss the cost before treatment is started.

If you live in Glasgow City Centre and would like to arrange to come in and speak to our sedation dentist then all you have to do is give us a call, one of our receptionists will then be able to get you booked in at a suitable time.