Dentist Hygienist Glasgow

imageDentist or hygienist?

Many people think that every dentist in Glasgow offers a scale and polish, this isn’t the case as it would be the dental hygienist that you would see at our practice. By having one of the best the dental hygienist Glagow can provide, here at our practice you will be able to go to someone who specialises purely in dental hygiene instead of all aspects of dentistry.

When you come to see our hygienist

If you come to us for a scale and polish you can expect our hygienist to take a look at your gums and teeth, this is so that we can assess the condition of your gums. Whilst doing so we will call out numbers to one of our dental nurses, this is called basic periodontal charting and it is done to measure the depth of your gum margin pockets if there are any.

The periodontal charting is as follows:

  • 0 = No pocket (really healthy gums)
  • 1 = Slight pocket (healthy gums)
  • 2 = Pocket (unhealthy gums)
  • 3 = Big pocket (really unhealthy gums)

After this has finished we will continue to scale your teeth to remove all of the tarter. This can be done by hand with a special instrument or using a scaler with high speed water that the dental nurse will catch while aspirating. Afterwards our hygienist will polish your teeth, leaving you with a brighter smile.

Depending on what the level of gum disease is – if any – our hygienist will tell you how regularly you should attend our practice to maintain your gums. If you do have healthy gums then you should return in 6 months, however, if your gums aren’t healthy and need more attention then you should return every 3 months.

The cost 

Our hygienist charges £48 per half hour session. You may think that this could be expensive because NHS hygienist charges are a lot less however, in the long-run our hygienist is better. This is because our appointments are generally longer than what an appointment with an NHS hygienist would be, therefore giving us more time to be more thorough with your gums and teeth.

Where we are based

We are based in Glasgow City Centre at 13 Renfield St. There are excellent transport links, with buses and a train station being nearby.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment to come into our practice in Glasgow and see our hygienist all you have to do is get in touch with us. You can contact us via email at: or you can phone us on 0141 237 2080.