Do you need sedation for dental treatment?

Sedation for dental treatment

Dental Sedation

At 1Smile Dental Clinic, we understand that visiting the dentist can be difficult for some patients due to anxiety that’s why we offer IV Sedation. This is arguably the best Sedation for dental treatment available.

Our Glasgow city centre Dental Clinic is the main practice where our sedation clinic is held and our team are very experienced in this field. We aim to offer you a friendly and welcoming environment to help you overcome your dental phobia. As well as offering this treatment to our own patients we are also a sedation referral practice for dentist all over Glasgow. We have many dental practices that refer their patients to our clinic to have NHS treatment under sedation.

Why would you need sedation?

Every patient is different and has their own reason as to why they are nervous about attending the dentist. The most common reason for patients being anxious are:

  • Needle Phobic
  • Bad experience previously
  • Medical condition
  • Dental phobia
  • Gag reflex
  • Complex treatment


What is IV Sedation?

IV stands for intravenous which is how the drug gets administrated into your body. The sedative is called Midazolam and is administered through your vein. You will start to feel the effect of the sedation within seconds and you will become dizzy and sleepy but will remain conscious!!

What are the benefits of IV sedation?

The aim of IV sedation is to make you feel relaxed and at ease for the dentist to carry out any necessary treatment you require. You may feel very sleepy and lie back on the dental chair and close your eyes but you will still be able to respond to what the dentist is telling you. The main benefit of IV sedation is that it is very safe and you are still in control during the treatment. As mentioned before IV sedation starts to work within seconds of being administered into your system and also wears off quite quickly so you will not feel the effects of it hours later.

What will my dental appointments be like?

Your first appointment at our 1Smile Dental Clinic will be a consultation appointment.

At this appointment our dentist will inform you of the treatment that you require and explain all the different options you have in regards to your treatment. We will ask you to fill in a medical history form so we can see if you are fit for sedation. If everything is ok and you agree to your treatment then we will make you a sedation appointment. Our sedation clinics run very regularly so you will not be waiting long for an appointment.

The day of your sedation appointment you are unable to eat or drink anything for 4 hours before your appointment. It is essential that you bring an escort that will be able to remain with you for the rest of the day and will they have to remain in the clinic while you are having your treatment done under sedation. After your treatment is completed you will have to remain in recovery for around 20/30 minutes until the sedationist allows you to go.

At our 1Smile Clinics we always emphasise that following sedation you are unable to drive, consume alchohol, sign any legal documents, look after small children and operate machinary for the remainder of the day.

How much does IV Sedation cost?

We offer IV Sedation under the NHS Dental Treatments along with any treatment that you requite. Prices vary and all costs will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment. Consultation appointments at our 1Smile Dental Clinics are free.

We welcome all new patients and offer this service to patients who are nervous about visiting is. We aim to provide the highest standard of dentistry therefore your comfort and treatment is our main priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Glasgow West End Dental Practice on 0141 339 6325 if you request an appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Dental Sedation Glasgow

Dental Sedation Glasgow

Conscious sedation (An aid for anxious people) Dental Sedation Glasgow

Since 1998 Conscious Sedation has grown as an alternative to General Anaesthesia in General Dental Practice. Intravenous conscious sedation (aka IV sedation) is when a drug is administered into the blood stream producing a state of deep relaxation. Patients remain awake during IV Sedation and are able to understand and reply to questions from the dentist.

The drugs used for IV sedation produce either partial or full memory loss for the period of time when the drug first begins to work until it wears off.  Time will appear to pass very quickly and you will not recall much of what happened.  Many patients remember nothing at all.

During IV sedation you still required to be numbed by an injection.  However, you will not be numbed until the IV sedation has taken full effect.  If you have a phobia of needles you will be relaxed enough not to care by this stage.  The dentist will wait till you are numb before starting on any dental treatment.

The drugs used in IV sedation are administered into a vein. The IV sedation drug used is midazolam.  It is a short acting benzodiazepine, meaning it will leave your system quickly.  The main effects are to relax you, make you sleepy and to produce partial or total memory loss.  The midazolam is put into the vein slowly and reviewed every two minutes to assess response.  Response to the midazolam is monitored because there are differences between individuals in how much of the drug you need to be sedated.  Once the desired level of sedation is achieved, the drug is stopped.  The venflon is left in place during the procedure so that the sedation may be topped up.

Your pulse and blood oxygen levels are measured throughout the procedure by a probe attached to your finger.  Your blood pressure will also be measured before and after the procedure.

IV sedation dentistry allows you to receive the dental care you require conveniently and comfortably. So if you are extremely anxious and have not been to see a dentist because you are scared call us to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION.

“I have always been very frightened of going to the dentist…..all started with a bad experience as a teenager……the staff here are very friendly and welcoming and the team of dentists have been excellent, making me feel very comfortable and understanding my needs…….and in a great location. Highly recommend this place”