Cosmetic Dental Crowns Glasgow

por crownsCosmetic Dental Crowns

Cosmetic dental crowns are restorations that are used to protect teeth that are damaged, cracked or even broken.

By making use of cosmetic dental crowns you are able to strengthen your existing damaged tooth which will therefore preserve it’s functionality. There are a number of different circumstances where you may need crowns. You may need crowns if:

  • Your tooth has undergone significant decay and there is not enough tooth structure remaining to support a filling or an inlay
  • A large portion of your tooth has fractured and it cannot be built up using traditional composite bonding techniques
  • You have a large cavity and opt for the additional protection that a crown offers to your tooth over a large composite filling or an inlay
  • You have had a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, a crown will then be fitted to the abutment of the titanium implant
  • You have had root canal treatment, often a crown is needed to strengthen the tooth
  • You grind your teeth and have a poor diet then acid erosion may reduce your teeth to a point that the only option available is a crown
  • You want to improve the aesthetics of your smile


We specialise in cosmetic dental crowns at our dental practice in Glasgow and are able to provide qualified dentists to carry out the treatment. Our dental practice has gained a reputation as one of the leading practices in Glasgow that provides cosmetic dental crowns, this is due to our uncompromising standards in patient care.

The price for cosmetic dental crowns can vary depending on your requirements, however, our dentists will be able to talk to you about your teeth and the price of crowns at your initial consultation. During your initial consultation you can expect us to discuss your requirements and the cost of treatment as well as the procedure itself, we will also be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Just come along to our dental practice in Glasgow today to make an appointment or you can make an appointment by giving us a call.