Practice Complaints Policy

We aim to deal with complaints promptly, courteously and efficiently. All complaints will be taken seriously and dealt with as follows:

  1. The person who deals with the complaints in the practice is Stephanie Durrand.
  2. If the complaint is verbal the details will be listened to and either referred immediately to the complaints office in an attempt to resolve the matter immediately. If this is not possible details will be taken and arrangements will be put in place to reply as soon as possible.
  3. If the complaint is in writing this will be dealt with by Stephanie Durrand as soon as possible.
  4. The letter of complaint will be acknowledged within two working days and dealt with as soon as possible.
  5. The complaint will be investigated fully and we will attempt to reply within 10 working days. It may be necessary to arrange a meeting with the patient to fully understand the circumstances.
  6. Complaints involving clinical care will be referred to the dentist involved unless the patient does not want this.
  7. We will confirm the decision about the complaint in writing.
  8. Comprehensive records of all complaints will be retained.
  9. If patients are not satisfied with our complaints procedure they can complain to:

Complaints Manager
NHS Greater Glasgow
Primary Care Division Headquarters
Gartnavel Royal Hospital
1055 Great Western Road
G12 0HX