Best Braces For Adults Glasgow

1Smile have the best Best Braces For Adults Glasgow wide.

Here at 1 Smile we provide a wide range of braces for adults in Glasgow who want healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. Our clinic is known as one of the best in Glasgow that offers braces, this is because we utilise the developments in our profession to ensure that we are offering our patients the best in terms of cosmetic dentistry.

What are the Best Braces For Adults

There is more than one type of braces available, with there being six month smiles, fastbraces and invisalign. We regularly have adults coming to us asking us what the best one is to use however, this can vary from patient to patient; with patients having different needs and cases.

Both our six month smiles and our fastbraces involve using tooth coloured wires and brackets which is both more visually appealing than traditional metal braces and more cost effective. When it comes to invisalign aligners are used to straighten the teeth rather than braces, a lot of patients prefer this because it means that no-one knows that they are having treatment carried out at all.

Our braces specialist Jayne is fully qualified and has years experience in fitting braces for adults in Glasgow, making her the perfect candidate for fitting braces for you. You can come into our practice and have a consultation with Jayne should you be interested in finding out what the best braces are for you. During this consultation Jayne will also discuss the prices of each of these braces along with your suitability and preferences.