Smile Makeover Glasgow

If you are unhappy with your smile for whatever reason, you can book yourself in for a smile makeover consultation with any of our dentists. At the consultation your dentist would discuss with you what it is about your smile that makes you unhappy and then look at all the different ways that we can get your smile looking the way that you want.

For some patients this is simply a course of tooth whitening to give them a whiter, brighter smile. For others it could mean a combination of dental treatments such as placing cosmetic crowns and veneers on teeth to improve the aesthetics of their smile.

Our most common complaint from patients who are unhappy with their smile is that they do not like the look of their amalgam fillings. This is fixed by simply replacing the amalgam fillings with white, tooth coloured fillings that are almost unnoticeable in the mouth.

Alternatively, if you’re unhappy with your smile because you think it looks crooked or crowded, then maybe 6 month smile or invasilgn are what you need. These are two ways in which we can make your smile straighter and more aesthetically pleasing. If you think this is what you need then book an appointment at our 1Smile clinic in the City Centre where we would be happy to discuss both options with you, as well as any other problems that you may have.

If it is a missing tooth that you feel is ruining your smile then there are various options you have to fill the space.Our dentist’s will discuss with you all the options and help you decide what option you feel is best for you. This could be a simple denture to fill the space, or maybe a bridge. However, the ‘gold standard’ for replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant. A dental implant is a titanium screw that goes directly into the jaw to provide long lasting support for a crown to fill the space. This is becoming a more popular option because it does no affect the teeth on either side of the space, and it is not as expensive as you may think especially if paid for with our interest free payment plan.