1Smile eyelash enhancement treatment

1Smile eyelash enhancement treatment – Before and After

Eyelash Enhancement

At our 1Smile Glasgow Clinics not only do we provide excellent dental care but we also provide cosmetic treatments. We proud to introduce the new 1Smile Glasgow Clinics EYELASH REJUVENATION with some Eyelash Enhancement treatments.

The eyelash enhancement treatment is the answer to all your eye lash extension issues, it will give you the fluttering, long, darker and fuller eyelashes that most mascara’s promise to do. The only difference with our eyelash enhancement is that it will give you the long eyelashes you have always wanted after a couple of weeks of using the solution.

How it works?

The 1Smile eyelash enhancement treatment is very simple and easy to do. After seeing our ophthalmic surgeon for a consultation he will then discuss with you how to use the product.
It is very simple and is just the same as applying mascara everyday.
Our consultant will show you a demonstration on how to apply, how often and how much to use at your consultation.

How to apply the Eyelash Enhancement

How long does it take?

1Smile eyelash enhancement will take around 3 months to get the best result. Although you will start to notice a difference after a couple of weeks of using the solution given to you.

How much does it cost?

Before and After Treatment with Latisse Eyelash Enhancement

Before and After Treatment with Latisse Eyelash Enhancement


  • Consultation by specialist ophthalmologist (not a general doctor but an eye specialist/eye surgeon who works as a hospital consultant) = £65.00
  • 3 month supply of solution = £185
  • each additional bottle = £58


If you want perfect fluttering eyelashes contact one of 1Smile Glasgow Clinics today and arrange your consultation appointment today!

This treatment is available at our Glasgow City Centre Clinic

Renfield Street Dental Care
Tel: 0141 221 0690
Email: citycentre@1smile.co.uk

Eyelash Enhancement Glasgow – Other Facts

It was found that eyelash growth was an unexpected side effect of Lumigan which in turn led on the formation of Latisse. With regular use Latisse encourages longer, thicker and fuller eye lashes. The medication should be used daily for at least 2 months. When you stop using the mediation your eyelashes will eventually return to their original position.

Reported side effects of Lumingan

  • red eyes
  • eye itchiness
  • drying of the eyes
  • pigmentation of the eye
  • hair growth around the eyes if the medication is used incorrectly

We do not currently recommend this product to people who have a dark skin tone.