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Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Who are Enlighten

Enlighten Research labs are the technology leader when it comes to professional teeth whitening. All of the Enlighten Teeth Whitening products that are offered represent a generational leap in effectiveness.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

At our practice in Glasgow

We use Enlighten Teeth Whitening here at our practice in Glasgow which means that our tooth whitening is effective, safe and of the highest standard.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening is a combination of both in-surgery and home whitening. Your first appointment will be for a consultation and the dentist will let you know if you are suitable for the treatment. Then we will take some impressions and have your customised whitening trays made by the Enlighten lab technicians. Once we have the trays back from the lab, your dentist will make sure they are a good fit and provide you with the home whitening gel and instructions. You will use the home whitening for 14 days and once this is finished you will have the in-surgery session with your dentist.

Whiter Smile with Enlighten Teeth Whitening

you get a guaranteed whiter smile. The difference with Enlighten Teeth Whitening is the results. Follow your dentist’s guidelines and teeth will whiten beyond any other system. Enlighten Whitening can whiten up to 16 shades. If used correctly all teeth will whiten dramatically. Natural teeth rarely look too white. Sometimes very white crowns can look wrong because they are made of porcelain. ask your dentist for advice about this and you can discuss the best options for countering this effect.

With Enlighten Teeth Whitening, you may get a little sensitivity, however your dentist will give you easy to use desensitising swabs to take home, which will work immediately. You will also receive a tube of Tooth Serum toothpaste to brush with while you wait for your trays. This also helps with sensitivity.

For more information

If you are in Glasgow and require additional information about our teeth whitening or you would like to speak to one of our dentists about Enlighten Teeth Whitening then feel free to make an appointment with us. Call 0141 237 2080 today

Source: Enlighten research laboratories