Dentists For Nervous Patients Glasgow City Centre

If you have been looking for dentists who are suitable for nervous patients then you should come to 1 Smile. 1 Smile is based in Glasgow City Centre and offers dental sedation to patients.

Dental sedation is a simple procedure that our dentists use on nervous patients for long or difficult treatments. This is carried out by administering medication that will make our patients feel like they are in a relaxed, dream like state. If you decide to use our dentists for dental sedation then you will be awake at the time although the majority of our patients forget the procedure due to the medication so it is more than likely you will think that you were sleeping the full time.

The main aim is to make sure that our patients feel at ease when they are coming into our practice in Glasgow City Centre. By making our patients feel at ease our dentists are then able to help with any fears that you may have.

Dental sedation is affordable for any patient who is considering coming to us and our dentists always discuss the cost prior to treatment starting.

If you are interested in dental sedation and you live in Glasgow City Centre then you should arrange an appointment to come in and speak to one of our dentists. Generally no treatment will be carried out the first time that you come to us, instead it will be an initial appointment where we will discuss dental sedation in a bit more depth.