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Dental Implants in Glasgow

What is a dental implant?


A dental implant consists of a titanium fixture that’s placed into the bone onto which different components can be attached, for example, an abutment which extends the implant through the gum into the mouth and onto which a crown, bridge or denture can be fitted.

Dental implants have been around for over 40 years and have grown enormously in popularity over recent years, most notably in Hollywood, due to the fantastic results. But the number of people opting for a dental implant in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland is also increasing considerably. This dental solution has well and truly taken Scotland by storm, and if you are seeking dental implants in Glasgow, you have come to the right place. There are of course many dental surgery’s offering a similar service to ours, but with our great prices and warm and friendly environment, 1Smile gives you all the tools you need to feel great about your smile again.

Interactive Dental Implants Demonstrations

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Extraction and implant same day



Extraction and implant placement



Three upper teeth replaced with implants


How long do dental implants last and do they fail?

Dental implants glasgowWhen the mouth is healthy with healthy adequate bone and gums, the implant fixture (metal part buried in bone) can last as long as your natural teeth. They do however need caring similar to your natural teeth. The crowns or bridges supported by dental implants last around a decade but will eventually need replacing with general wear and tear.

Implants are medical devices and as with all procedures a small proportion of patients do have failures. Failures are more likely to happen when bone quality is poor or if there is an infection present. Some people are at a greater risk than others. But don’t panic – when you come to us for your dental implants we will tell you if you fall into one of these high risk categories

What are the risks of a dental implant?


  • Implant failure
  • Pain, bruising, infection and swelling are common after the procedure, these vary person to person and depend on your specific procedure painkillers, antibiotics and cold packs can usually manage these symptoms
  • Damage to nerves or roots of adjacent teeth can occur but this is not common


Is there anything you can do to improve your chance of success?

Dental Implants Glasgow
A good standard of oral cleaning is essential for long term health before and after implant placement.
If you grind your teeth it may be wise to construct a plastic mouthguard to protect the implant crowns/bridges from fracture or heavy loading especially immediately after implant placement.
Smoking is also a major factor in implant failure and cutting down or stopping completely will have an impact.

How long does the procedure take?

When going for dental implants, it is important to remember that the procedures themselves are not a quick fix. They often involve multiple visits to our implant clinic and it is not possible to give an accurate time for everyone. The minimum time is usually a few months, but keep in mind that for some people the dental implant treatment can longer.

Can I wear my existing denture during the treatment?

Straight after your dental implant procedure you should be able to wear your denture providing it has been adjusted. Following bone grafting (if required) you may have to go without your denture for 7-14 days whilst the bruising settles.

Stages in dental implant care



  • Initial consult and suitability assessment
  • Further consults may be required for special x-rays and analysis of the teeth


Treatment to prepare the mouth for care:


  • Make sure gums and teeth are in a healthy state
  • Repair of defective bone/gum using grafts


Surgery to place dental implants


  • Usually this is done under local anaesthetic and can take around 1-2 hours depending on the procedure. If you are nervous patient then IV sedation is available for placement of the implants.


Your procedure can be either single stage or two stage depending on suitability.
A two-stage approach is more conservative.
With one stage a temporary crown is immediately placed on top of the implant fixture following placement whereas two stage involves allowing the fixture to remain unrestored for 3 – 6 months.

  1. Further visits to check for healing and remove any stitches
  2. Restoration of the missing teeth

Each restoration is individually crafted and this stage itself can take several visits.

Before and dental implants after examples:


Single placed implant with crown restoration:

Single placed dental implant with crown restoration in Glasgow

Dental Implant with retained porcelain bridge restoration:

Dental Implant with retained porcelain bridge restoration in Glasgow

Multiple implants with a retained denture:

Multiple dental implants in Glasgow with a retained denture


Information following dental implant placement:

Some possible discomfort after surgery
There is often some swelling and bruising of the tissues. Pain relief maybe required after surgery. We recommend ibuprofen and paracetamol (if permissible)

Avoid rinsing your mouth for 12 hours
We will recommend an antiseptic mouthwash for the days following the surgery

What about your denture?
The surgeon will adjust it. Never force your denture over your implants or grafted sites. Dentures should always be left out at night.

Avoid hot foods and drinks for the first 24 hours.
Have a soft diet for the first few days eating foods such as mash potato, eggs etc.

You will be given an appointment to be seen about 10 days after your surgery for the surgeon to review healing of the surgical site and to remove stitches.

What happens if I have any difficulties?
The surgeon performing the procedure will be available on call following the procedure and will give you his/her mobile number. Should you have any difficulties you can call the surgeon who will be more than glad to assist.

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