Common Myths in Dentistry!

Read on to discover the truth behind popular dental glasgow


  •  The Dentist does not have time for nervous patients like me
    Whether you’re slightly apprehensive or extremely anxious about visiting the dentist, we are trained to deal with every patient.  We see nervous patients every day and we are completely understanding. It is our job to make sure you feel comfortable. We would prefer knowing at your first visit that you feel nervous so we can help. Please don’t keep it to yourself thinking that you’d be making our job harder for us. Listening to music is good for relaxing and we’re happy if you want to bring in earphones and listen to music on your phone/ipod etc. Treatment will be carried out at your pace. We welcome all patients to our 1Smile Clinics and also offer sedation for those who need it.


  • As long as my teeth seem fine and are not giving me any pain I don’t need to bother with a regular check-up

Attending regularly is vital to maintain good oral health. We recommend a check-up every 6 months to keep on top of any treatment you have had previously and to monitor the condition of your teeth, gums and oral tissues in your mouth. Catching decay and gum problems early on makes treating them a lot easie! It also reduced the chances of needing root treatment and extractions. In Scotland, everyone is entitled to 2 FREE check up’s on the NHS every year.


  • Having your teeth whitened is harmful

Having teeth professionally whitened by a qualified dentist is safe. If this caused great harm then we would not be allowed to do it. As long as instructions are carefully followed then there is no harm in whitening teeth. However, please be aware that professional tooth whitening means having a dentist whiten teeth. Beware beauticians and salons offering any type of tooth whitening. This is well known in the dental world to cause problems. It is the view of the General Dental Council (GDC) that ‘applying materials and carrying out procedures designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth amounts to the practice of dentistry.’ We have had many patients come in to the practice with problems of severe sensitivity and gum problems after having their teeth whitened in a beauty salon. If you are considering teeth whitening please always make sure it is a qualified dentist doing so. If you would like to know more on this please visit the GDC website:

  • Braces are only for children

There are so many different types of braces available, there is one to suit everyone’s lifestyle. Whether it’s for children, students, or grandparents anyone can have straight teeth! According to the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) nearly 1 million people in the UK started orthodontic treatment last year alone. At 1Smile Clinics we have braces that straighten teeth within several months or ones that are nearly invisable. Even better, consultations are completely free. We also have interest free payment plans.


  • Dental treatment is too expensive

It is true that certain treatments at the dentist can be expensive. However, this tends to be cosmetic treatment which is entirely your choice to have. NHS treatment is subsidised by the NHS. The prices are also standard across the whole of Scotland, so we can’t charge any less or more than what the NHS sets. If you receive benefits from the government then NHS treatment is free. NHS treatment is also capped, so the most anyone will pay for the one course of treatment is £384. Cosmetic treatment can be paid for using finance or dental payment plans, such as Denplan. Oral health is very important; it can affect your confidence, ability to eat, ability to communicate and your general health. Any treatment you have and money spent is essentially an investment in your health. Too often people forget that a dental practice is a business, just like the shops you visit every week. No one would go to a supermarket and tell the girl at the cash desk that they’ll pay next time… so why is this acceptable at the dentist?